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Every Company throughout the world, which is a part of industrial, or non-industrial production cycle and fulfills the needs of a " consumer-industrial'" society, has its own history of origin. Iran is among the developing countries, which has made a significant progress in different fields of industry in the past few years. Formwork industry is one of these fields, which is still very young in this country. "Boozarjomehr Industrial Group" as one of the first manufacturer of formwork in Iran was established in 1984 in RAVAND Industrial town, KASHAN. It began its production with simple and traditional tools, manual systems and semi-automatic machinery. But as time passed, all industries started to welcome modernization and technological innovations. Consequently, Boozarjomehr Company, too, started taking steps towards modern technology in order to achieve its goals. The wheels of industries in the country began to move faster and faster by introduction of efficient, modern systems and the objectives, which seemed impossible to reach to that time, became easier to achieve by presence of a desirable industrial system. "Boozarjomehr Industrial Group" designs forms based on the most recent technical knowledge and today, after many years of effort and hard work , it can deliver one of the best " technical-industrial" services to its clients in the field of formwork industry. Boozarjomehr Industrial Group has 700 skilled and semi-skilled employees with different specialties who work in different sections. The factory of “Boozarjomehr Industrial Group” was built in a 120,000-square meter piece of land, 75,000 square meters of which is dedicated to its production halls , which include pressing, welding, milling, roll-forming, painting, coating, electrical, and quality control workshops. In order to expand its production capacity, this company has a new factory under construction with a total area of 20,000 square meters including a hall with an area of of 12,000 square meters, which is going to become productive in a few years. The head office of Boozarjomehr Industrial Group in Tehran has 65 energetic, professional employees with different expertise who do their best to create a successful relationship with the clients and are active in different departments including: "Technical and engineering"," research and development"," product planning", "computer"," technical records", "accounting" and "logistics". All stages of analysis and designing the forms for each concrete structure is carried out in "Technical and engineering" department by highly professional experts using SAP software. Calculations are done according to Iran and ACI codes and then the drawings are designed by other softwares like "AutoCAD" and a copy is sent to the client to start the project. Boozarjomehr Industrial group delivers the most technical and the most economic services in the field of formwork to its clients by using advanced technology and modern facilities. The company policy is to satisfy the client's demands by any means possible and presence of an efficient team helps insure and accelerate the enforcement of this policy. The head office personnel are always in contact with the factory personnel in order to present the best quality, the most reasonable price, and fast delivery of demanded products and after-sales services to finally achieve the client's full satisfaction. کلمات کلیدی: نمایشگاه ساختمان ، خدمات اجرا ، بتن و قطعات بتنی ، صنایع بتن و تجهیزات بتن قالب های بتن و داربست ، قالب بتن ، بتن ، صنایع بتن گروه صنعتی بوذرجمهر و تجهیزات بتن گروه صنعتی بوذرجمهر ،قالب های بتن گروه صنعتی بوذرجمهر و داربست گروه صنعتی بوذرجمهر ، قالب بتن گروه صنعتی بوذرجمهر ، بتن گروه صنعتی بوذرجمهر ، iran architects، برای دریافت اطلاعات تماس کلیک کنید
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