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A story that began 40 years ago with the production of handmade cabinets classic and implementation of finishes and dècor inspired by the best Italian tradition, a reality rafforzatasi over time to acquire the current size with a wide range of products that fully reflect the objectives and the production philosophy based on quality and versatility of the elements and the possibility of customizations that can adapt to any type of environment and requirement

Current events of the past made in Italy
So we can define the new collection presented by Bernazzoli by Ghilba and signed by the architect Giuseppe Marazia. The formal and stylistic research, conducted with skilful art workshop, gives life to prestigious furniture, characterized by classic shapes and precious finishes without ever losing sight of the arrangements that are more practical and functional. The use of natural materials and high quality workmanship distinguish a collection raffinta and escluisiva
Wellness, design and technology combine to give the creations Bernazzoli by Ghilba" the ability to decorate any room with the pleasure of true luxury Made in Italy

تصاویر کاتالوگ های Bernazzoli

pdf catalog Ghilba Classic
pdf catalog Ghilba Modular
pdf catalog Ghilba Regal
pdf catalog Ghilba Collection New
pdf catalog Ghilba Single Room
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