VISTA DORO by sahinoglu
ویستا دورو - انواع دستگیره و اکسسریز بهداشتی
با تکميل فرم زیر، اطلاعات تماس شرکت به همراه کاتالوگ و لیست قيمت، بلافاصله برای شما ارسال خواهد شد:
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*نام خانوادگـی :
*آدرس ایمیـل :
*تلفن همراه :
تلفن ثابت :
نام شرکت :
توضیحات :
لطفا منتظر بمانيد ...
Easier said than done; this is a road story that has been on since 1967
Along a road, illuminated with new experiences gained by each step taken
Trailing everybody, by not giving up aesthetic and functionality
Enabling to reach large masses thanks to its wide range of products
Embracing everybody by means of unlimited customer satisfaction
Leading to be an initiator. Leading to be a leader. A road that can only be walked along with a global point of view
And this is a story that can only be written with professionalism.This is Sahinoglu's story, Sahinoglu, who has enshrined in everyone's heart for half a century

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