Armadi Art
مبلمان سرویس بهداشتی- کابینت روشویی
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Our factories manufacturing woodwork technology since 1974 under the brand name Armadi Art, manufacture exclusive class bathroom furnitures for many countries of the world. Classic, Neo Classic, Exclusive, Avantgarde, Modern, Aqua are the groups of products having extensive boutique standards. The classical products of our artwork line-up are all produced with the aim of presenting contemporary classics of our century, adapted from the original classics with the realignment of the present appreciations for future generations thanks to our designers. 
5.000 m2 3.000 m2 on a land of factories Armadi Group is built on an environmentally sensitive area is the production of bathroom furniture modern manufacturing technology.

تصاویر کاتالوگ های Armadi Art

pdf catalog Exclusive
pdf catalog Acqua
pdf catalog Classico
pdf catalog Avantgarde
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