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با تکميل فرم زیر، اطلاعات تماس شرکت به همراه کاتالوگ و لیست قيمت، بلافاصله برای شما ارسال خواهد شد:
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بیش از یک دهه تلاش در طراحی، نوآوری و همکاری برای تولید با  بهترین های صنعت دکوراسیون جهان، ایرکس را در زمره خاص ترین مجموعه های دکوراسیون داخلی قرار داده است. جهت ارایه طرح ها و مدل های متنوع، لاکچری و جدید کاغذ دیواری، پارکت، لمینیت، مبلمان و اکسسوریز برای تزیین و استفاده در دکوراسیون داخلی، ایرکس را بر ان داشته تا با کادری مجرب و متخصص و ارایه برترین برندهای مشهور روز  دنیا، افتخار خدمات رسانی به شما عزیزان را داشته باشد

Every time that Portos saw a Vespa go by he thought: “There’s soul in that metal.” We are in Pontedera, in Tuscany in the 1950s: Portos was taken on at Piaggio, chosen from among the many candidates by expert engineers who saw that he had the right talents. The Vespa got Italy on the move, and Portos had a hand in bringing to life the most famous scooter in the world. Then came the 1960s, the boom years, and during the general ferment Portos decided to leave Piaggio and set up a business with some friends, creating an artisans’ workshop making brass objects and accessories for furniture companies.
Then one day he accepted the challenge that was to change his life: making a made-to-measure bed. The project was too complicated for his partners; they thought it was not worth wasting time over so Portos decided to continue on his way alone and to have a go. When the bed was finished, he had great pleasure in putting his signature on it: Giusti Portos. The Tuscan surname and the romantic name came together to create a unique and recognisable trademark. And so this was the beginning of a workshop specialised in creating hand-crafted beauty using iron and fire. At his side to help him and share his new adventure was the fourteen-year-old son of a blacksmith friend of his, who is today the master forger for Giusti Portos. Giusti Portos’s skilled craftsmanship quickly started to become appreciated and recognised, first of all at local fairs, then at increasingly important events, until it gained national fame, supported by a solid sales network

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