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Edgings fitting systems
Edgings fitting systems
Edgings - Custom production to specifications
GUTMANN offers custom edgings for facades with high demands for construction, technology, appearance and design. Using numerous processing options with state-of-the-art tools and equipment, edgings can be produced in rolled aluminium, burnished brass or checkered sheet in lengths up to 6,000 mm. Rolled aluminium sheets are available in 1.5 mm, 2 mm, 3.0 mm and 4.0 mm thicknesses. Comprehensive know-how based on many years of experience guarantees expert advice for the customer.
Edgings - custom production based on individual requirements
GUTMANN offers custom edgings for curtain wall designing with high demands for construction, technology, appearance, and architecture. A variety of processing possibilities using modern tools and facilities allow edgings to be manufactured from rolled aluminium sheets, bronzed brass sheets, or channeled plates up to lengths of 6000 mm. Rolled aluminium sheets are available in thicknesses of 1.5, 2.0, 3.0, and 4.0.  Extensive know-how based on many years of experience guarantees that our customers always receive competent consulting.
Product Details
Building-specific production in all shapes and colors
Matching edged solutions in rolled aluminium or checkered sheet with the required anti-slip properties
Decorative wall cladding
Reveal elements/frames
Window sills with custom edge dimensions and shapes
Breast and wall covering
Flat roof edge construction
Wall flashing
Anti-slip exit sheet metal
اکسسریز درب و پنجره آلومینیومی
iss نماینده انحصاری GUTMANN در ایران
محصول کشور آلمان

شرکت I.S.S
عرضه کننده پنجره های آلومینیومی ترمال بریک و سیستم های کرتین وال برای نمای ساختمان میباشد

این شرکت نماینده انحصاری برند آلمانی GUTMANN در ایران است

The main focus of our operations is on our clients and partners, with whom we strive to maintain long-term successful cooperation. Our goals are
Satisfied clients, who are convinced by the consistently high quality of our services and continuous innovations. We innovatively gear our services for premium aluminium products towards the high quality, performance, and cost demands of our clients

Motivated employees, who we can provide with secure and appealing jobs. The skills, knowledge and commitment of our employees define the success of our group. Constant training and further education are a matter of course for us. Open communication and flow of information promote trust, personal responsibility, and initiative in our employees.
Results and company development, which meet the demands of our stakeholders.
We are consequent in pursuing our goals and take measures for correction if necessary. Our performance is very much process oriented. We ensure that all processes and phases of our services rendered are retraceable. We strive for continuous improvement on all process levels.
In everything we do, we make sure to save resources and take ecological interests into consideration. We combine entrepreneurial spirit and social awareness with commitment to corporate social responsibility

Hermann Gutmann founds Light Metal – Wire Factory H. Gutmann
The following years the company is renamed to 
Launch of the first aluminium extrusion press. Profile manufacturing is added to the range of services provided
1976 GUTMANN develops “MIRA”, the first wood-aluminium system.
Construction of an anodizing facility in order to upgrade profile surfaces.
After the death of Hermann Gutmann, the company is passed into the HERMANN GUTMANN FOUNDATION founded by him
A big european trust acquires the majority share of 51% from the HERMANN GUTMANN FOUNDATION.
HERMANN GUTMANN WERKE AG takes over the aluminium profile manufacturing unit from Josef Gartner GmbH and then transfers it to the newly founded subsidiary company of GARTNER EXTRUSION GmbH in Gundelfingen, Germany.
Acquisition of the aluminium profile manufacturing company of Nordalu Wernal GmbH, in Neumünster, Germany. The company is renamed to NORDALU GmbH

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ISS Gutmann

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پنجره آلومینیومی محصول کشور آلمان

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